Know what that means? Yep, we're looking for interns!
Want to learn what it takes to start building the next Monzo or Revolut? Become an honorary 11 through our internship, and we'll show you how.
About 11:FS
we've searched far and wide to assemble a hotshot team of the best researchers and designers to build great app experiences that change people's relationship with their money.
Our team isn't made of square people fitted into round holes. We encourage our team, made of incredible people like  
to be themselves and add authenticity to our company. 

We love unleashing talent to help solve problems for real people. Now we’re in search of fantastic raw talent and give them the chance to see how we do things and maybe learn a thing or two ourselves.
Jobs to be Done
Design thinking
What you'll get from interning with us
Ever wondered how an app can help you make more ethical purchases? How can small businesses affected by the pandemic be supported better? Or help 18-30 year olds feel in control of their spending?

These are the kind of challenges we're set every day, and we want to give you the chance to learn how we solve them.

This 6-week internship has been created for you to experience what it takes to start building ground-breaking new businesses, from research & strategy to early app designs.

It's a chance to work alongside and learn from some of the brightest minds in fintech, helping to solve real problems along the way by:
Spotting opportunities that are driven by customer insight
Planning how to take advantage of market trends
Turning insight and strategy into app experiences that people will love
Curious how people think? 🧠
This is a chance to learn about what makes people tick and to find different solutions for their needs. You'll experience how our process uncovers the customer's Jobs to be Done and why current apps are failing them.
The internship will expose you to:
  • Recognising essential and exciting themes from customer research and drawing out the key insights about their needs
  • Comparing different competitor offerings and recognising examples of best practice
  • Spotting market opportunities based on customer needs and available solutions
  • Creating a cohesive story that communicates research findings to those you're working with
Enjoy bringing ideas to life ✏️
We'll show you how all great app designs are informed by thorough research. You'll experience seeing an idea evolve from a paper sketch into an app design on a smartphone.
The internship will expose you to:
  • Using research findings to inspire game-changing ideas
  • Planning of workshops to spark interesting conversation and generate ideas
  • Thinking about how to deliver a great experience to customers from beginning to end
  • Rapidly developing app designs and testing them with potential customers
Who are we looking for?
Are you passionate about human stories driving how we use technology? At 11:FS, we're driven to break down barriers to help people create better relationships with their money. Diversity of thought and experience is crucial to our teams achieving this aim.

Whatever your background or experience may be, if you share these motivations and are eager for the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and exciting environment, this is the internship for you.
The questions. Answered.
Will I get paid?
Of course! We think unpaid internships are bad and shouldn’t exist. You’ll be paid fairly for the 6 weeks that you’re with us.
Do I have to come to London?
Not necessarily, we’re flexible and can fine-tune the details so it works for all involved. We do have a pretty sweet office though. All we ask is that you're based, and have the right to work, in the UK.
Do I need to have worked in finance?
Nope not at all, our 11’s come from all sorts of backgrounds.
I want to be an 11, but I’m actually 11 - is this okay?
We love your enthusiasm, but we’re afraid you need to be over 18.
Will I just be making coffee all the time?
Hell no! You’ll be involved in the real work. Plus we have a barista - Double Caramel Frappuccino anyone?
Will I have an awesome time?
That’s the idea!
But who are 11:FS? 🤔
For more information about 11:FS and the kind of work you could be involved in, have a look at our website.
Our application window for the 11:FS Internship has now closed. If you have applied we want to say thanks for showing an interest in us! We are viewing all applications and will be in touch in the coming weeks.

We're sorry if you weren't able to apply on this occasion. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram to keep updated with everything happening at 11:FS and to find announcements of future internship opportunities.
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4th July 2022